The L.A. Street Food Fest has kicked off countless imitators but they’re still the first and the original! The LA Food Fest was born as the LA Street Food Fest in 2009 and kicked off with its opening occasion downtown in February 2010, with a haughty goal to not only to fill a gap in the event scene by creating something that was the first of its kind but to create a group of people and a platform to hold up independent small business owners and both established and budding restaurateurs. For that cause, all of the events intend to do much more than just amusing.

The Promotional tasting food festival events frequently need vendors to contribute their food and services; something they know can be demanding, especially for new and less established vendors, and for that cause, the contribution of every vendor at our Summer Tasting Event is subsidized. And in the case of some of our smaller independent vendors we know otherwise wouldn’t be able to join us, we subsidize their participation entirely.

For that reason, every food fest event is a chance to do a little good and to help make this incredible city we call home a little better for it. In 2016, the L.A. Street Food Fest community decided to make their event LA’s first zero food waste event and they’ve gotten closer to their goal every year. The hope that you will join us in enjoying fantastic food and a great time, knowing you’re also supporting our local community, restaurateurs and LA’s economy!

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