food truck shipping

Moving long distance is already complicated enough without worrying about how to drive your food truck state-to-state. This is why most people moving across country choose to ship their food truck shipping using an food truck transport service. While shipping a food truck might appear like a daunting task, the process can be simplified down to four easy steps. Here’s how to move your food truck across the country using a door to door service:

1. Get a Free Quote on Your Food Shipping

Collect a free quote on your food truck shipment from multiple providers. You should never be asked to pay to receive a quote on your move. Food truck transport companies offer two main types of transport: open carrier and closed carrier. These two options will vary in price, and choosing one over the other depends on several factors specific to your food truck make/model, location, and shipment. We offer a free food truck transport quote online that allows you an instant look at expected shipping costs for your state.

Open carrier transport

Open carrier transport is the cheapest of the two shipment options. These carriers can hold up to ten food trucks at a time, reducing the expense of travel per food trucks. This is a great affordable option for most daily drive food trucks. You can read more about open carrier transport on our site.

Enclosed transport

The safest and most secure way to ship your food truck is through an enclosed carrier transport. An enclosed carrier protects your food truck from weather elements, and the specialized loading platform offers a gentler slope for safer food truck loading. There are additional shipping solutions provided within the umbrella of enclosed carrier transport that you can read about here.

2. Choose an Expert Food Truck Transport Provider

Compare your quotes and select your food truck transport provider based on location, price, reviews, and expertise of the company. Food Truck Shipping utilizes state-of-the-art equipment driven by professionals; keeps you updated throughout your cross-country service; and does not charge a penny until your food truck is placed on the carrier. Regardless of whether you ship with us or not, choose a provider that has compelling, authentic reviews, excellent customer service and offers competitive rates.

3. Arrange for the Food Truck Pickup and Ship Food Truck

When your driver arrives to pick up the food truck, you will need to perform another inspection of the food truck before it is loaded onto the shipment. You and the driver will inspect the entire food truck and make a note of every scratch, dent, or any damage previously acquired. This list will be compared against your inspection of the food truck upon arrival to your destination, so make sure that the check is thorough and complete. Once the inspection is complete, your driver will safely load the food truck onto the shipment and begin your cross-country transport.

4. Receive Food Truck Across Country at Destination

While your food truck is en-route, companies like Food Truck Shipping will keep you up-to-date on your driver’s location. When your driver arrives at your new state, you and the driver will complete a second inspection of the food truck for any new damages. Damages during food truck shipment are extremely rare, but if such a problem occurs, the driver will fill out all necessary paperwork and work with you from there. Nearly all food truck shipments from Food Truck Shipping will arrive quickly and safely.

Ship a Food Truck across Country: Commonly Asked Questions

Still have questions about shipping a food truck across country? Here are some commonly asked questions and our expert opinion on the topic.

How much does shipping a food truck across the country cost?

Cost of a food truck shipment across the country is highly dependent on several factors, including the food truck make/model, distance of the shipment, date(s) of the shipment, and what type of food truck carrier you choose. Most food truck transport companies offer free, online quotes for your trip: Get a free quote today from Food Truck Shipping.

What is the cheapest way to ship a food truck across country?

The cheapest way to ship a food truck across country is through an open transport service. For most food trucks, an open transport will be safe, secure and a great option for your cross country travel. But, for exotic food trucks and collectibles, an enclosed carrier offers an extra layer of protection from weather elements and other hazards. Call Food Truck Shipping to talk to an food truck transport specialist who can help determine what type of shipment is right for you.

Does insurance cover any damage from cross-country shipping?

Yes – to meet State and Federal requirements, food truck carriers should be insured. Damages should be documented at the time of food truck delivery on the Bill of Lading and you should obtain the driver’s signature. Having damages from food truck shipping is a rare occurrence, especially when using a trusted and credible food truck transport service.

How to prep your food truck for cross country shipment

Generally speaking, personal items should not be left in a food truck that is being prepared for cross country shipment. While most transport companies allow customers to store up to 100 lbs of personal items in the trunk of their food trucks, it is highly discouraged. Storage of these items in your food truck is at your own risk, and not covered by carrier insurance. Leave only a ¼ of a tank of gas in the food truck before transport. A full tank of gas adds weight to the transport, increasing your costs.