Road food or typical price? Unless you’re solely planning governmental launch events, you’ll see modern customers breaking away from boring, official suppers. Even if the point of the event is to observe the union of a delighted pair, the most unforgettable part of a great occasion typically hinges on the event catering. If the food misbehaved, the remainder of the occasion will suffer, also.

Nowadays, there are much more catering alternatives than ever before. Your clients might not want to spend for the pricey steak by the location’s internal caterer. Totally reasonable! But what occurs if they suggest a food truck and also you’ve never ever taken care of one before? Working with food vehicles has only become extensive recently. You may not have encountered this wedding catering choice in your event and also wedding preparation programs.

However you, as the event manager, need to know if it’s the very best choice for their affair. Do not recognize sufficient yet to call yourself a specialist? Fret not! Below’s whatever you need to know food vehicles!

Casual street food:

So what IS all the difficulty concerning food vehicles? You have actually possibly consumed your fair share of hotdogs as well as gyros for many years. However you have actually probably just enjoyed them on the side of the street or at a pop-up road fest. The keyword being “road” as they are street food nevertheless!

While some food vehicles are stand-alone procedures, lots of restaurants are introducing their own mobile fleet of vehicles for occasions. Technically, food vehicles are a sort of providing! It’s simply a much more kicked back, informal means to eat. As well as, with the common public seating and fairy lights usual at food truck rallies, they likewise convey a fanciful atmosphere. We take pleasure in a great seared steak dinner every so often, however not every celebration begs for it. If your customers want low-cost, delicious food in a casual environment, this is a wonderful option!

Occasions where food trucks are prominent include:

As we mentioned, food trucks are acquiring grip in certain sects of the occasion planning industry. Not all events require to be layered, sit-down affairs. As well as some, depending upon the objectives of the event, actually shouldn’t be! If the goal is to supply a social ambience where individuals can freely move about, food trucks are the method to go! People can simply buy what they would certainly like, and also find a seat in a common eating area.

Food truck catering is preferred in the following types of occasions:

Product Introduces

Community Festivals

Group Structure Occasions

Fundraising events

Socials as well as Networking Occasions

… we’ve even seen one-or-two wedding celebrations featuring food trucks!

Why pick food vehicles?

If the allure relaxes entirely on them being smaller sized in sections, some conventional food catering choices currently fit those demands. Why select road food over traditional canapés or hors-d’oeuvres? Allow’s count the reasons!

Livelier atmosphere: The hustle and bustle of the visitors in lines, clanging of pots and also pans, and order call-outs make the area informal and informal. This is the excellent ambience for intimate gatherings.

Much more alternatives: Most food trucks are themed. By working with several vehicles of various international foods, your chances of locating a wide range of top quality food boosts. Foods are made by individuals who recognize what they’re doing. They concentrate on their very own food, so the possibilities of visitors being let down are slim. With each truck supplying different food, there’s something for everyone!

Made to order food: Many food trucks attain made-to-order quality by paring down their food selection. They can offer over a hundred customers a hr per truck! And chances are, they aren’t compromising quality for a breadth of sub-par choices. Certainly, high quality eventually comes down to your research and also tasting consultations in advance!

Adaptability: Many individuals hire food vehicles as the sole food caterers for an occasion. However those that are brand-new to the idea of food trucks (for exclusive, non-corporate events particularly), discover dedicating to simply this alternative to be dangerous. The appeal of such a versatile catering style is that you can include it as little or as high as you ‘d desire. If your client wants to balance traditional providing with mobile road food, they have that option. A wedding, for example, can have a typical, seated supper at the function. Then, your customer may want a Mexican-themed food truck to serve churros and also tacos at the afterparty.

More affordable event catering: As low as $10 per guest, this is certainly lower than the ordinary cost of $50 each for a layered meal. Why? Well, you would not spend for several cooks, servers, rental linens, as well as chairs since road food would not suit such rules! Some food vehicles call for a minimal invest. This is often the case when working with numerous vehicles as more trucks equal more competition for tastebuds, bring about possibly lower income. Nonetheless, they might eliminate this upon ending up being a recommended main supplier on your listing.

Food truck difficulties and considerations:

significant factors to consider when working with food truck catering services

You might believe that it would be much easier to choose a food truck than to try to employ a typical food caterer to function your event. You’re partially right. Some things are a lot easier. However food vehicles feature their own challenges.


This is big. Learn if the occasion gets on public or private property. Some regions only permit food vehicles on private property. And if you’re preparing a road celebration, you’ll certainly need an authorization given that you’re offering food on public home. The food trucks themselves are in charge of their very own licenses, allows, and also insurances concerning their mobile service. However you might additionally require to inquire about auto parking with the location supervisor. Food vehicles occupy a surprisingly huge quantity of area, and some locations don’t desire them possibly obstructing their entryways.


Electrical power demands to power the truck might also require factor to consider. Although most trucks run on propane-fueled generators, some might want the convenience of electrical energy. If they do inquire about this choice, speak with the place prior to the big day. Some locations bill added for electrical energy output!

Is there anything else we missed? Let us recognize!

Do not neglect the event style just because food vehicles add visual rate of interest! Here’s our guide on renting out or owning occasion style!

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You may assume that it would be simpler to go with a food truck than to try to work with a conventional event caterer to function your occasion. You’re partly right. Some points are a lot easier. However food vehicles feature their very own challenges.


This is big. Figure out if the event is on public or personal property. Some regions just allow food vehicles on personal property. As well as if you’re intending a street event, you’ll certainly require a permit since you’re offering food on public property. The food vehicles themselves are in charge of their very own licenses, permits, as well as insurances regarding their mobile company. But you may likewise require to inquire about parking with the place supervisor. Food trucks use up a remarkably huge quantity of space, and also some venues don’t want them possibly blocking their entrances.


Electrical energy demands to power the truck might likewise need consideration. Although the majority of vehicles operate on propane-fueled generators, some may desire the comfort of power. If they do inquire about this choice, seek advice from the venue prior to the big day. Some locations charge extra for electrical power outcome!